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Feel free to post about anything, whether it be booing granted by the devil himself, or even shouts of praise (because praise makes everyone happy)! Anon and logged in comments are both welcomed! Make Watanuki a better man! ♥
what what what?!

029; Superstition


This is just like being back at Yuuko-san's! Why does weird stuff ALWAYS have to happen on this island?!

Cat ears and a tail MIGHT be fine on some people but--my clothes! It feels weird when my yukata is on, cause it's all tucked inside of it! And my ears--they're HUGE! I feel more like a bat than a cat when I look in the mirror!

And of course I'd have to have black hair! Now I'm my own WALKING SUPERSTITION!

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026; [Video Post] We'll Never be Worlds Apart

[Mugestu's face and his tiny, beady little black eyes are seen as he plays with the LP. he wiggles a bit in fornt of it for a bit, before he gets bored and moves out of the way, just as Watanuki is seen taking a drink of water from the kitchen. there is a pot boiling--yes. even though he's sick, Watanuki is still cooking. and cleaning, apparently, as he sets down the drink, and picks up a sponge to commence cleaning and singing]

♪ Gently, sweetly, sing the song of garden paths and roses~ ♪

[he coughs a few times before continuing, moving out of view of the screen, though his humming is still heard, along with more coughs. finally, there is a loud yelp off-screen]

Mugetsu! Don't eat those! Those are for when Doumeki comes back! No! Don't touch Zero's either!

[there is the sound of scuffling, before Watanuki walks back onscreen with Mugetsu clutched in his grasp, the pipefox squirming in his grasp. releases it, giving it a glare, pointing at it accusingly]


[covers mouth, coughing again] Okay, Back to work! I need to make sure the tea is done, and I need to finish the cake I'm making for Himawari-chan and Kohane and Ichijou... well, for everyone. I guess such an awesome guy like me's work is never done! [hums happily, walking off screen. Mugetsu looked over, floats over to the LP, wiggles in front of it again, before it cuts off]
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025; I'll Come to Thee By Moonlight, Though Hell Should Bar the Way

[Video Post]

[there is still a long crack in the middle of the LP screen, as well as dried spots of blood. there is a shot of the moonlight in the dark sky, and there is the sound of jostling water. the LP remains unmoving, a shot of the starlit sky keeping for a few seconds before finally, there is an especially loud roar of water, and the LP tips over, spots of water dripping on it. it shows a shot of the ground, on the shore line and waves wash over a corner of the LP. In the background, there is Watanuki, sitting on the part between the shore and the water, waves washing over him to up at his navel.]

[He is obviously naked, as his clothing was ripped up when he was killed in B13, but as he's sitting in the water, nothing can be seen but his upper body, and his legs poking out of the water. Watanuki is staring out at the ocean, his hair tussling in the soft breeze. The water is probably cold, but he looks as if he doesn't feel it. He remains unmoving, and finally, the LP cuts off due to the time limit]

[ooc: feel free to post as commentary (voice posts recommended so he can hear it from where he's at), or an action log 8D]
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["Accidental" Video Post]

[the LP tilts to the side as it jerks on, and Mugetsu is seen slithering by the screen having "accidentally" turned it on. there, is Watanuki is some kitchen, working on the finishing touches to the strawberry shortcake. he looks a little sad, but happy to be busy, at the least]

[from the side, Ichijou is seen walking into the kitchen. he slowly gets behind Watanuki and starts gently rubbing his shoulders, causing the other to glance back at him, and a soft blush to sweep across his cheeks. the blond finally smiles faintly at him before speaking]

Ichijou: Don't be so sad, Kimihiro-kun... it will all work out...

[he leans in, hand running down Watanuki's arm as he presses a kiss to his cheek. Watanuki turns even pinker, nodding shyly before turning a little bit more to him, presses into the cabinet, leaning in a little more...]

Watanuki: Ah... T-takuma-kun...

[it is then, Mugetsu's face blocks the screen, leaning in as if inspecting it curiously. the small kudakitsune knocks it down on the cabinet, and with a wriggling, the screen clicks off]