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21 August 2009 @ 07:02 pm
[Event] Who You Gonna Call?  
Well, since Watanuki's been a ghost, he's been going around being a creeper checking on everyone. Since he'd feel guilty spying on people without them knowing, he has left little signs to let people know he's been around. The following people are affected: Doumeki, Himawari, Ichijou, Zero, Kohane, Jing.

Doumeki: Since Doumeki is so known for giving him the end of his arrow, he in return has put one of Doumeki's arrows against his bed to see when he returns home.

Himawari: Watanuki has tied one of her hair-ribbons around the doorknob of her bedroom.

Ichijou: Because Watanuki had told Ichijou he could have a strawberry after they finished cooking... he has removed a glazed strawberry form the top and placed it on the cutting board.

Zero: Due to Watanuki's known distaste for the Bloody Rose, upon whatever surface it has been placed while Zero is sleeping, he has knocked it to the floor.

Kohane: Since she has been waiting outside for him, upon leaving he opened the door to B13 and then promptly closed it to signal he's left, though she could probably see him.

Jing: On the tea set he uses to make Jing tea, he has turned one of the tea cups over.
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